Impressions: A lot of sunshine, a little nap ... oh, what joy!

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By Johnny Teglas

Oh, what joy!
A  long, lingering recession and a long, hard winter finally seem to be behind us.
At least that’s how I felt Thursday morning when I stood at the front door of the Goody’s store grand reopening in Rockwood.
The sunshine was harsh, but smiles were prevalent.
I chatted with about three dozen eager customers lined up to catch the early-bird specials at the store.
One lady mentioned she was in town from Memphis and looking forward to some excellent purchases.
Outside, the Rockwood High School band played up-beat tunes.
Dignitaries welcomed the store back to its original location from decades back.
Again, smiles beamed all about.
It was a warm, inviting feeling.
The event was just what the doctor ordered for a round, gray-headed fellow who was working through his own personal emotions from a week back.
The weekend’s summer-like weather only further improved said fellow’s condition in life.
Despite starting Saturday before sunrise behind my desk at the office, my heart was a little lighter.
I managed to crank out drafts of some reports and then hit the streets to soak up some proverbial “sunshine” before putting my nose back to the grindstone.
And what a blessing those few hours in between were.
If you’ve never leaned on a fence and caught a couple of innings of youth league baseball, you’ve not lived yet.
Watching those exuberant youngsters battle it out on the diamond adjacent to Cherokee Middle School has a way of lifting one’s spirits.
The cheers from the stands a couple of streets over from my house continued through the afternoon, well after I sauntered back down Paint Rock Ferry Road.
After packing my briefcase and calling it a day, I decompressed by buzzing through Midtown.
I couldn’t help but stop by Bunch Marine.
An array of sharp-looking watercraft was displayed under their huge white tent.
Friends and neighbors milled about and chatted about the upcoming boating season.
        I listened as a couple of visitors shared their fishing tales.
I’m the type of fellow who turns green on a placid dock … and am not much fun when I have to hang my head over the side of a boat — even on still waters.
I’m not much for bank fishing either because I always end up with my line hung in a tree or bush.
We won’t go there if you don’t mind.
Following that brief stopover, I headed to the grocery.
Much of what was on my list centered around dishes that would be cooked on my grill.
With my booty packed away in the refrigerator and pantry, I stretched out on the couch for a peaceful nap and drifted off to a serenade of amazingly beautiful birdsong.
Later I awoke with a start.
That’s because I had intended to spend a little time at the Cruisin’ at Harriman. Rubbing my eyes,
I shook my head and chided myself for missing this month’s event.
Back at the office before dawn Sunday morning, I organized myself and plans for the week.
Grabbing a biscuit, I nibbled on it during a slow drive around town.
More signs of spring sent my mood into the stratosphere.
Throngs of friends and neighbors filled the lakeside walkways, getting in morning constitutionals.
A quick shower and shave later I was on my way to church where I worshipped and prayed for many things.
In those prayers were also praises … praises to the Lord for His magnificent handiwork in our glorious corner of His Earth.
We are, indeed, blessed.
Oh, what joy!