Impressions: There’s light you can create in dark times

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By Johnny Teglas


A former colleague shared some words
of encouragement  recently just when I was a little bit more than stressed.
I’m not sure where they came from. But they struck a chord in my mind, heart and soul.
To be honest, I also researched them before sharing them with you here to make doubly I wasn’t violating anyone’s copyright.
Finding no official attribution for the quote, here’s what the long-time educator offered up: “If you’re in a dark place, speak words of faith, and you’ll see the very dim light get brighter and brighter until finally you’ll see the way out.”
The simple statement got me to thinking. In recent weeks, I’ve been doing pretty much the opposite.
You know, the old “I-see-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-and-it’s-a-freight train.”
I suppose each of us slips into that mindset every now and again.
We also, I suspect, tend to look backward a little more than we should.
My darling wife specifically mentioned that to me one evening when she shared a revelation she’d discovered in prayer.
Wrestling with an issue, she said she realized looking back and longing for the old days wasn’t what the Lord wanted her to do.
She said she felt convicted to move ahead.
She backed it up with scripture.
Quoting from the book of Genesis, she recalled the story of Lot’s wife.
Nowhere in the Bible is the woman named. But we all remember who she was.
She’s the wife of the man who God sent angels to so they could escape the wrath of Sodom and Gomorrah.
We all learned about that decades ago in Bible school — at least I did.
The heavenly visitors specifically commanded Lot and his family not to look back under any circumstances.
His wife chose not to obey.
In their haste to leave the city under siege by fire and brimstone, she could not resist the temptation.
For looking over her shoulder, she was immediately turned into a pillar of salt.
Not good.
And it’s not good to find yourself in a dark place looking over your back.
Equally so, it’s not good to be racing through that dark place looking ahead only expecting catastrophe in the form of a freight train barreling headlong toward you.
Let’s just say my old colleague gave me a lesson in the power of positive thinking.
Because, don’t you know, the next morning I found myself doing just what my friend suggested “…speak words of faith, and you’ll see the very dim light get brighter and brighter until finally you’ll see the way out.”
I was on my way to Rockwood to visit one of our customers’ establishments.
Since I had to stop off in Midtown to check on another matter, I decided to take the direct route along Hwy. 70.
The sun was dancing off the lake as I passed by Caney Creek Marina.
We’ve all experienced a little sunshine starvation, thanks to one of the worst winter weather seasons Roane County has suffered through in nearly two decades.
But for some reason my spirits were especially lifted as the quicksilver glimmered along the surface of the water.
A few moments later my spirit soared even higher.
That’s because, as a fellow who complies with traffic law, I slowed the pickup down when the signs informed me I was in a construction zones.
Boy howdy, did I find a little happy in my heart when I drove up on the TDOT road-widening project on the east end of the city.
I saw droves of workers working.
Trees were coming down. Ground was being leveled and new power lines were being stretched.
That’s what the scene seared into my mind.
Ahhh, again!
Lord knows the world has faced challenging times.
Lord knows our nation has been troubled.
And Lord knows Roane County and her residents have suffered every bit as much as everyone else.
Yet, on that 20-minute drive I realized I was seeing “light.”
That light helped lift me out of that dark tunnel that I — and, perhaps, many of you — have been walking or running through.  Let’s just say my entire outlook on things made a complete 180.
I can attest that seeing dirt moving, coupled with my friend’s and wife’s words, changed me.
They might help you if you’re suffering through a funk.
Simply “speak words of faith, and you’ll see the very dim light get brighter and brighter until finally you’ll see the way out.”