Inmate jumps from balcony in Roane jail

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By Damon Lawrence

An ambulance responded to the Roane County Jail Tuesday morning after an inmate jumped from a balcony in one of the housing pods.
A dispatch report said the inmate was “hurting all over.” He was taken to Roane Medical Center.
Roane County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said he’s not sure why the inmate jumped.
“There’s really no telling why,” he said. “Sometimes people do things for attention. I really don’t know.”
Phillips said Tuesday’s incident is not the first time an inmate has jumped from one of the balconies.
“I don’t know why they do it,” he said. “It could be for attention.”
Addiction to drugs is another possible reason.
“Some people are addicted to medication, and they think if they jump off there and hurt themselves they’ll get medication,” Phillips said.