Irish by breed ... American by choice

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Lucy and Gracie may be Irish setters, but the pair of pooches recently proved their blood runs red, white and blue.

Their owner, Mariann D’Alessandro of Harriman, captured a photo of them saluting Old Glory in their own way shortly after she hung a new flag outside her Cornstalk Heights home.

“It was a beautiful sunny day with intermittent soft breezes, which made the flag wave majestically at times,” D’Alessandro said.

She and her husband, Ed, had just finished putting the new flag on a balcony flagpole for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday when they realized the dogs were missing.

“They are perpetually wherever we are, and I panicked somewhat, thinking that perhaps they had gotten out of the house,” D’Ales-sandro said.

“I went back upstairs and, as I passed one of the bedrooms overlooking the balcony, the two of them were sitting, almost patriotically glued to the window, watching the flag.”

Could learning the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner” be far behind? Happy Fourth of July, Lucy and Gracie!