Ishman has credentials for inspector job

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By Damon Lawrence

In reading my backlog of Roane County News papers following our return from vacation in Florida and the Caribbean, I noticed comments by Rockwood Councilwoman Peggy Evans in a Sept. 27 article written by Cindy Simpson.
In reading other issues to date, I did not see that anyone took issue with Evans’ unsubstantiated comments regarding Harold Ishman’s qualification as part-time building inspector for the city of Rockwood.
Ishman is a licensed general contractor with many years of experience. I have hired him to assist me on projects in the past and would rate him as one of the most knowledgeable and qualified contractors I have had the privilege to know during my more than 54 years of work in the building materials industry.
Obviously, Evans does not know that fewer than 10 percent of all the building inspectors in the state of Tennessee are licensed general contractors.
I would venture say Ishman is probably one of the most qualified individuals in all of Roane County for the position he was asked to fill.
Evans’ comments remind me once again of what we see in Roane County when the good-old-boy (and girl) network don’t get things their way.
As for Ishman’s ability to pass the building inspector’s certification exam, which Evans questioned, I would venture to suggest he not only will pass the exam but in all probability will excel on it.
I am confident Rockwood residents will find building inspector Ishman a refreshing and very helpful person to work with as they plan and execute their building projects in the coming months.
Your city and county inspectors — whether building, electrical, gas, or septic — can be your best friend and good sources for information, especially when it is your home and you want to be sure the end results will serve you well in the future.
When I built our retirement home 20 years ago, area inspectors bent over backward to give me the help I asked for.
They knew I was sincere when I told them I wanted it right. Without exception, they all responded in kind.
W. M. Griffin