It’s what’s under the river that really worries him

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The U.S. government keeps a lot of secrets it doesn’t want you to know about.

Inadvertently, I read some declassified material I obtained from a fellow who worked in a nuclear byproduct dump.

It had some horrifying details about the nuclear pollution in Watts Bar Lake  and the Tennessee River.

It seems as though there were releases of strontium 90, cesium and, I think, tritium. Some have 6,000-year half lives.The main concentration is right out in the bend at Kingston City Park.

It was written up that the elements, still radioactive, had been covered by silt enough to not be a health hazard to the general population.

Unfortunately many people down stream had water wells in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s,  and some still do.

The water you drink South of the River still comes from the same downstream river source.

I lived on Brahman Road and everyone there had well water — there was no city water.

I have noticed over the past 40 years that nearly everyone I knew that grew up there came down with this-and-that cancer, some just died and several people’s teeth fell out.

Strange, don’t you think?

Why don’t we have compensation for the ineptness of early nuclear development making the common people the guinea pigs!

When I saw that they will not dredge the river to remove the fly ash, I began to think about the information I had read.

Is the real truth that dredging would dig up the radionuclides and create a real disaster? I think so.

Are secrets still under the table?

I would believe it if it might cost the government some money for the disabled and ailing people otherwise.

Tell you something scary: We are the guinea pigs in this area.

David Martin
South of the River