Jobless rate down statewide

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All of Tennessee’s 95 counties reported decreased unemployment rates in April, according to figures released late last month by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Roane County, the state and national jobless rates were 5.9 percent in April.

For the county, that’s a decrease of 1.1 percent.

Tennessee’s unemployment rate was down by 1.2 percent from March, and the U.S. rate was down by 0.9 percent.

In Roane County, that means 24,110 workers in the county’s 25,620 labor force were employed during the month.

Things were bleaker last April. In 2013, Roane County’s jobless rate was 7.8 percent, and the state’s rate was 8.0 percent.

The U.S. unemployment rate for the same period last year was 7.1 percent.

Unemployment rates for surrounding counties in April were Anderson, 5.6, down 0.8 percent; Cumberland, 6.9, down 1.8 percent; Knox, 4.7, down 0.9 percent; Loudon, 5.2, down 1.1 percent; McMinn, 6.5, down 1.2 percent; Meigs, 7.3, down 1.5 percent; Monroe, 7.3, down 1.5 percent; Morgan, 8.3, down 0.9 percent; and Rhea, 7.6, down 1.6 percent.