Kid to use chicken savvy in missions

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By Cindy Simpson

John Vermillion hopes his chicken-raising experience with 4-H will pay off when he goes on a family mission trip with Cedar Grove Baptist Church of Kingston.


New youth leader Drew Stockton has been focusing on mission trips, and Vermillion is joining one of those trips to Nicaragua in July.

Vermillion said some of the projects include building chicken coops, something he has experience in.

“Actually this is going to be my first one (out of the country),” Vermillion said.

“It is not so much helping the people there. It is seeing what they have and appreciating what you have more. It would help you grow in your spiritual life and yourself,” he said.

The work is to help the people become self-sufficient, with projects like the coops to help them raise chickens for eggs.

Vermillion loves 4-H and raising chickens and the competitiveness of showing them.

The chickens, which 4-Hers raise from chicks, are sold at the chick-chain auction.

“It is fun to go to the show and see how the other people have done and made their progress and compete against them,” he said. “The person that wins grand champion, you can talk to them and see what they did differently than you.”

Vermillion lives on a family farm in East Roane County.

The family raises other fowl, donkeys and other farm animals.