Kingston students do well in math contest

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One hundred seventy-seven students from Kingston Elementary School, led by Esther Lancaster, math coach, recently competed in Noetic Learning Math Contest.

Noetic Learning Math Contest is an elementary math problem-solving contest held twice a year. A total of 19,831 students representing 990 teams across the country participated.

Winners of their teams were:

Second grade — James Vermillion and Cara Randolph.

Third grade — Caleb Tejeda.

Fourth grade — Aaron Mc-Kinney.

Fifth grade — Henry Coen.

Aaron McKinney and Henry Coen also won the National Honor Roll title.

This title is awarded to the top 10 percent of participating students in the country.

Kingston students who received National Honorable Mention are:

Second grade — James Agee, Kaleb Cameron, Cara Randolph, Madison Rossi-Dupas and James Vermillion.

Third grade — Logan Babb, Jill Dunn, Joseph Griffith, Olivia O’Shell, Lila Pickrell, Jackson Puckett, Kade Roberts and Caleb Tejeda.

Fourth grade — Elijah Drinnon, Bryce McCracken and Caleb Sheldon.

Fifth grade — Kesney Brown, Dawson Lane, Moriah Stephens, Zebedee Webb.

The purpose of participating in the contest is to stimulate students’ interest in math and to inspire them to excel in math.

Lancaster said the contest results show that Kingston students can rise to the occasion and can meet the challenge while demonstrating their math skills and talents.