Lack of response could have been the death of her

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I live in the city of Rockwood.

On July 27, I fell at my home.

Not knowing what was wrong with me, I called the fire department.

I told them I had fallen and could not get up, and the person who answered the call said what do you want me to do about it?

I said I thought they would come and help me up, and they said they didn’t do that and gave me a number to call.

By then I had lost my eyesight, but I tried to call it. I don’t know who I called.

My friend came in and found me and tried to get me up and couldn’t. She called 911.

By then, I was completely out of it and don’t remember anything.

An ambulance came and emergency technicians worked on me a long time before they left my house then went to Roane Medical Center.

If a heart doctor had not been there, I would have died. My heart rate dropped to 29 and lower.
They rushed me to Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge and got my heart stable and then put a pacemaker in.

The procedure took 2 1/2 hours instead of the usual 45 minutes. I think if the fire department had come and called first responders, it wouldn’t have taken as long. The fire department should have come or sent someone to check it out.

I think this was negligent on their part. What would have happened if my friend had not come in? I would have died at home on the floor about four blocks from the fire station.

Roberta Cagle