Landfill adjacent to K-25 safely cleaned up ahead of schedule

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URS/CH2M Oak Ridge LLC recently completed a three-year landfill cleanup project on schedule, under budget and without a single work-related injury, not even a first-aid case.

Workers cleaning up the 6.5-acre K-1070B burial ground adjacent to the K-25 demolition project worked 205,800 accident-free hours while excavating 100,200 cubic yards of soil and debris.

“This is proof that the goal of zero accidents on a project can be achieved,” said UCOR President and Project Manager Leo Sain.

“This team has demonstrated that focusing on doing the job safely, asking questions, and watching out for each other pays off.”

In addition to the 7,790 dump-truck loads of waste shipped to the Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management Waste Management Facility for disposal, the team brought in more than 4,100 dump-truck loads of concrete rubble, rip-rap, backfill and topsoil to provide a final cover for the burial ground.

There were no transportation accidents associated with the shipping of waste or the receipt of material for the final cover.

Working safely can also translate into cost savings.

Due, at least in part, to the absence of delays and reduced productivity that can result from on-the-job injuries, the project finished on schedule and $1.4 million under budget.

The actual cost of the project is expected to be about $5 million.

UCOR, a limited liability partnership led by URS Corp., is the U.S. Department of Energy’s environmental management contractor at the Oak Ridge Reservation.

The company is responsible for deactivation and demolition of the K-25 facility at East Tennessee Technology Park, as well as other specific scopes of work at ETTP, the Y-12 National Security Site, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.