Largen correct on status of Israel, writer concurs

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Christian brothers and sisters, columnist Gerald Largen is absolutely correct once again.

Israel is a religion, not a nation.

Furthermore, they are no longer God’s chosen people. They are currently breaking God’s law for them — the 10 Commandments.

They kill. They lust.

They worship idols.

They kill Moslems. They lust for the land that they believe God promised to them. That land is the idol they worship.

How can they still be God’s chosen people? No way.

God sent his Baby Son Jesus to begin a new law of love. The selfish Sadducees and Pharisees who did not want to lose control of the old church had Jesus crucified.

Don’t you suppose that God got upset about that?

Who are these people? If they want grace, they need to accept Jesus as the Son of God and be baptized, then their sins will be forgiven.

Don E. Matthews