Largen needs shorter horse to articulate from

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  After two trips to the woodshed and suffering my verbal punishment generously administered by Gerald Largen in two of his recent columns, I am venturing into the sunshine of reality again to address his latest bombastic tongue-lashing of the self-defined ill informed.

In his latest rant, he casts doubt on the worth of many modern conveniences and accoutrements most would consider essential to a high quality of life in modern times.

On Sept. 17, he was quite severe in his criticism as is his habit; condescending and arrogant in his scorn for his fellows who differ from his own outdated yearnings.

I’m surprised he didn’t advocate a return to the archaic use of horse-and-buggy and buggy whips instead of automobile and airline transportation. Would he prefer smoke signals from Lick Skillet to the use of cell phones, typewriters to the word processor?

I withdraw the question.

To use such logic to accept the current high unemployment rate serves to prove a disquieting disconnect with reality.

Perhaps Gerald should interview a head of household who has been unemployed for many months, and his family members who depend on his income to eat, shelter, clothe themselves and provide medical care when needed.

Look long and hard into their worried eyes, Gerald, then ask yourself if it’s OK for millions of Americans to be in their situation.

I agree with Gerald’s writings much more than I disagree with them, but I do think he would be even more pleasant to read if he would get down from that high horse of his and write like he speaks.

And yes, I realize that if this is printed and is read by the Curmudgeon from Lick Skillet, I will likely be feeling the sting of his pen sooner than later and wind up skewered on the point of his intellectual lance.

So be it!

BJ Gillum