Lawbreakers in Rockwood may help police buy new computers

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By Cindy Simpson

People who are sent to Rockwood City Court could feel a slightly bigger pinch than before.

Rockwood City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance to tack on a $5 “technology” fee at its meeting last month.

Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright said the department has computers, tablets and software needs that this would go toward.

“It is our recommendation we don’t touch it the first year,” said Wright.

He wants to see the fund build up so the city can use it to upgrade technology as needed.

“It will give us money freely used in the department without having to come back and change our budget,” said Councilwoman Peggy Evans.

“I just like the fact we are being proactive on this … I applaud your efforts,” said Councilman James Nuckols.

Wright told the council his department would not be out writing more tickets than usual or doing other things to “fee grab.”