Lawyer fees not paid for Evans accuser

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By Cindy Simpson

Rockwood City Council paid the legal fees of Vice Mayor Peggy Evans after she was accused of ethics violations.
But when a request was made to pay the fees of the former city employee who accused her, it was no-go.
No one even made a motion to be voted on in the matter.
City Attorney Greg Leffew, who had said in May that he would come back with a legal opinion, recommended not making any payments of legal fees for former City Recorder Jim Hines.
“Under the law attorney fees are private expenses. The state constitution says you cannot use public money to pay private expenses. So it is my opinion that you should not approve this,” Leffew said.
Evans’ legal fees of $1,960 were paid this spring.
Oliver Springs Judge Joseph Van Hook, when asked to look into the charges, dismissed them when he determined the city council didn’t follow protocol.
In other business, the city council approved changing the meeting time of the Rockwood Industrial Board to the first Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m.