Lawyer: Nails placed in front of office

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Butler says unsuspecting motorist could be hurt if tire blows

By Damon Lawrence

Harriman police responded to a complaint Monday that someone dropped nails on the road in front of attorney Donice Butler’s Morgan Avenue office. 

Butler said it’s the second such incident in the past month. 

“Whoever could do something like this has no conscious and no compassion,” she said. “Obviously, they’re trying to hurt me, but in the meantime, they could care less who else gets hurt or killed.”  

Butler said she suspects the nails were thrown Monday after she left the office to got to the Roane County Courthouse in Kingston.

She said one of her employees told her about the nails over the phone. Authorities were contacted shortly after 10 a.m.   

“My secretary called 911, and I also called them from the courthouse,” she said. 

Butler said nails blend in easily with the pavement, so a person could run over them and not even know it. 

“I’m concerned about someone getting injured or killed,” she said. “You’re not going to realize that you’ve run over it probably, and just take off driving, take off up the interstate, maybe have children in your car, have a blowout and lose control of the vehicle.” 

Butler said she sees a number of cars on Morgan Avenue each day. Businesses near her law office include Davis Funeral Home and the Ridgeview Singleton Center.  

“This is not an overreaction,” she said of the concerns about the nails. “If you don’t realize you’ve got nails in your tires and you have a blowout next to an 18-wheeler on the interstate, you’re going to have a serious accident. They happen everyday.”