Leadership view depends on your own direction

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The conciliatory effects of the presidential oval office meetings with Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have disappeared like fog at sunrise.

A new chill has settled over their relationships as our most vocal war POW/hero accuses President Obama of a failure to lead.

What he is failing to notice is that the president is leading in the opposite direction McCain currently advocates, and away from continual war — not into the Syrian civil war quicksand.

How could entering another proxy war in the Middle East help the United States?

Yes, people are being slaughtered, atrocities are committed and the true interests of the majority of the Syrian people are being ignored by the ruling minority.

It’s a dogfight, with many factions and countries actively or clandestinely involved in military action or support.

The picture is murky at best, and for the U.S. to risk valuable weapons systems, planes and pilots to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria could lead to a regional conflagration with disastrous consequences.

Arming any faction could lead to the same situation that resulted from the U.S. clandestinely arming Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan decades ago.

How did that idea work out?    

While we are executing a strategic withdrawal from Afghanistan our military will be in its most vulnerable posture.

The Taliban and their followers will try to make spectacular attacks to give the impression that the U.S. ran out with her tail between her legs — as the Russians did when we assisted Osama in Laden and company decades ago.

What goes around comes around.

It is time to focus on rebuilding and renewal of our country — there’s plenty that requires our best efforts right here.

No need to go to distant shores to destroy then rebuild yet another country we’ve bombed into rubble; bridges are falling here, our infrastructure is fragile, vulnerable and needs upgrading.

If Sen. McCain wants to see the president lead, he has only to look over his shoulder and then he will realize it is he, McCain, who is marching in the wrong direction.

He needs to execute a, “To the rear — march!” command, follow and support his commander-in-chief!                        

B.J. Gillum