Leon Houston imprisoned in Oklahoma

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Unlikely to be freed before 2017

By Damon Lawrence

Leon Houston is at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

The transfer center houses federal inmates in-transit to other facilities.

U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves sentenced Houston to five years for using a telephone communication to threaten to kill Cleveland, Tenn., attorney James Logan.

A federal jury in Knoxville found him guilty of that charge in November.

Reeves called the 55-year-old Houston a “dangerous person” during his sentencing hearing at the federal courthouse in Knoxville last month.

The five years was the maximum sentence.

Houston had been in custody for nearly 14 months. He was given credit for time served. The Federal Bureau of Prisons listed his release date as May 21, 2017.

Reeves is scheduled to sentence Houston’s younger brother, Rocky Houston, in June for being a convicted felon in possession of firearms.

A federal jury found him guilty of that charge in March.

Rocky Houston faces up to 10 years in prison. Reeves denied his motion for a new trial on Monday.

Update: The Federal Bureau of Prisons website now list Leon Houston as an inmate at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Ky. A minimum security satellite camp is adjacent to the facility.