LETTER: Bigots wrongly think they can speak for us

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No, racism isn’t dead. It isn’t even sleeping. It is hiding behind closed   doors of houses built with cow’s dung.  It is just as strong and ugly, and it raises its head to announce things, opinions and people it will not tolerate.

What arrogance to make personal decisions for someone else because their own fragile senses are offended.

A cereal company had the audacity to include a mixed-race couple with a child in their commercial.

The cow’s dung house exploded with anger and indignation.

The company had to close the comment section on their website.   

The hate permeated the airways.

Will it ever change? Will these self-appointed guardians of morality ever  lose their ability to procreate?  

Generation after generation rises and decides it is their right to police the rest of us.

What arrogance! What bigotry! What stupidity!

Most of the ones I personally have met call themselves Christians.  Christ-like? Jesus had mixed couples in His earthly ancestry.

Yes, racism is still alive, and it stinks just like the house it lives in.

Ferrell Winfree