LETTER: School-shooting security increase is unnecessary

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Should we raise taxes and spend huge amounts of money on beefed up security in our schools — NO!

Here’s why:

Since 2000 the United States has averaged 2.46 school shootings per year, including shootings where no one, including students, were injured or only the shooter died (suicide).

The chances of any particular K-12 school in the United States experiencing a shooting incident in any given year is approximately 1 in 53,925.

(This isn’t the odds of being injured or killed. It is only the odds of a gun being discharged in a school. In contrast, the odds of dying in a car wreck in 2013 are 1 in 7,775.)

Bottom line, because school shootings are so rare, instead of spending vast amounts on beefed-up security, we’d be better of developing and implementing emergency action plans as we do for other rare events like fires, tornadoes and floods.

Brant Williams