Letter writer eats a meal of crow after published rant

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I messed up really bad and want to apologize to Roane County Executive Ron Woody. I know he’ll forgive me; he’s a good person.

I sent in a letter to the editor a week or so ago. I wanted to vent my anger that none of the $43 million or so of the TVA payment to the county was applied to anything actually hurt by the ash spill.

I was right to do that, but my letter seemed to bash Woody. I knew better than this when I wrote the letter.

Sometimes, when you are angry, you’ll shoot from the hip — and when you do that, you often hit a totally innocent person.

Woody was not on the committee that made the spending choices; I knew that, too. He is just the guy we elected who is charged with administrating those decisions, and I know Woody will responsibly do that. We will know where every single cent goes; that is great.

Under Woody’s leadership, our county is progressing, developing and has a much brighter future.

Among other accomplishments, thanks to him, Tony Brown and other hard-working county employees, Roane County Park is now award-winning, clean and a county asset we can all enjoy with pride.

I enjoy it often and point to it in pride to my friends and customers. Thanks to you, folks.

I’m still upset ... angry ... amazed at the committee’s decisions on the application of these funds, but I’m a little angrier at myself for not choosing my words better and making Woody look bad. I voted for him and will do so again.

I’m sentencing myself to several hours of community service...watch for me on River Road picking up litter.  

Bob Giltnane