Library patron booted for ‘questionable issue’ involving computer use

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By Damon Lawrence

Kingston Director of Library Services Steve Jacks said a patron has been suspended from the library over what he called a “questionable issue” involving one of the facility’s computers.
“We didn’t suspend him for watching pornography — because it was never proven he was watching pornography,” Jacks said.
“But I had staff concerns about behavior, and we decided to suspend him until the library board could talk,” he said.
Jacks said the library board addressed the matter during a meeting on Thursday.
“He did not come and appeal the suspension, so we left it as is until he decides he wants to appeal,” Jacks said.
Jacks said patrons are not allowed to view pornography on library computers.
“We’ve had incidents in the past where people may have went there and we say, ‘Hey, you can’t do this,’ and then they stopped,” Jacks said. “But we have had to ban two people in the 13 years I’ve been here.”
Jacks said none of those bans have occurred in the past year.
According to District Attorney General Russell Johnson, watching pornography is legal unless it is child pornography.
While it may not be against the law, Jacks said Kingston’s library board has a no-porn-viewing policy.
Jacks said one of the concerns is someone having it on a computer screen while a child is walking by.
“We have patrons who feel pretty strongly about it,” he said, “so the board has pretty much defined that anything that could be considered inappropriate they’re not allowed to look at.”