Life insurance argument escalates to death threat

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By Damon Lawrence

An argument over life insurance money had a man allegedly threatening to take a life.
James West, 43, was charged with aggravated assault in the incident.
According to the warrant, West and Shella Stafford got into an argument over life insurance money on Dec. 18.
“Ms. Stafford states that the defendant became angry, shoved her, slammed the door and would not let her leave,” the warrant said. “The defendant grabbed a shotgun  and put it to her head and said, ‘You are gonna die (expletive).”
West is scheduled to appear in court for the aggravated assault charge on Jan. 28.
A woman reportedly stole 25 to 35 Xbox 360 games from Walmart on Christmas Eve.
The suspect, identified in a Rockwood police report as Marsha Evonne Clark, got away. Warrants were to be taken out on her for theft and criminal trespassing charges.
“Ms. Clark was observed taking a large shopping bag from a register at the front of the store and place the video games inside,” the report said. “Ms. Clark then walked into the men’s clothing department and placed a shirt in the bag.”
The report said the Walmart loss prevention officer called for Clark to stop when she exited the store.
“Ms. Clark ran and got into a gray Chevy Malibu — tag A33 13C,” the report said.
Clark has a history at the Walmart, according to the report.
“Ms. Clark had been stopped for shoplifting on May 1, 2012, and at that time banned from the property,” the report said.
Roane County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Tony Guy pulled his gun on a suspect while investigating an alleged aggravated assault on Wednesday.
Charles Thomas Woodby was charged with resisting arrest in the incident. Jail records listed his address as 197B Lawson Mill Road, Kingston. 
According to the report, the alleged victim told police the suspect had pointed a rifle at him.
“I pulled in behind the blue Ford truck and activated my emergency lights,” the report said. “I drew my side arm and began to give the male driver verbal commands at gunpoint due to the accusation of a firearm being used.”
Guy, according to the report, attempted to place Woodby in handcuffs when he exited the vehicle. That’s when Woodby allegedly pulled away and began to curse the officer.
“I sprayed the male subject with two short bursts of my department-issued chemical agent in his facial area,” the report said. “The subject then complied and handcuffs were applied.”
Kingston police said another person has been arrested in connection with a break-in at a store that stocked police supplies.
Brandon Clark, 19, was arrested for burglary on Dec. 20.
Jail records listed his address as 102 Hope Circle, Kingston.
The break-in happened last month at A-1 Tactical on 901 E. Race St. A police report described stolen items as being “police-specific in nature.” They included handcuffs, flashlights, pepper spray and four Tennessee Highway Patrol chaplain badges. A juvenile has also been charged in the case.
Michael Derrick Muir was arrested on a violation of probation warrant on Dec. 20.
That’s not the end of his legal troubles. He’s also facing a drug charge after meth and meth lab components were reportedly discovered at his home.
According to the report, Roane County Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Childs went to 120 Harrison Lane in Ten Mile to arrest Muir on the violation of probation warrant.
“While at the residence executing the arrest, Deputy Childs spoke with a white female identified as Brandy M. Nickert, who indicated that there was a glass bottle containing a liquid, which she stated was meth inside the coat pocket belonging to Mr. Muir,” the report said.
Nickert, according to the report, also said there was a garbage bag on the floor that contained meth lab components.
“Lt. Tony Guy and Deputy Mark Steinman responded to the scene, entered the residence and confirmed the presence of meth and meth lab components,” the report said.
Rockwood police arrested a man on Dec. 18 for allegedly urinating on the front sidewalk at Walmart. Stephan Ameen Womack, 27, was charged with public indecency.
“I spoke to assistant manager Jeff Poston, who stated he saw the man urinate on the sidewalk,” the arrest report said. “The defendant was inside laying on a bench.”
Officer Shamus Pio placed Womack under arrest and took him to the Roane County Jail.
“When I got him out of the car, I noticed he had spit all over my back seat and door,” the report said. “I advised him that he would have another charge.”
In addition to the public indecency, Womack was also charged with vandalism.