Live band noise still too much

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Kingston neighborhood asks officials to turn it down on West Race

By Mike Gibson

There’s a clamor about noise again in the city of Kingston.

The furor is coming from the same place that spurred a 2012 effort to tweak city noise ordinances.

Ted Perry, a resident of a neighborhood off West Race Street, spoke to Kingston City Council at the conclusion of its June session, reporting that two local establishments, Redbones on the River and the Smokehouse Grill, are keeping residents up at night with loud outdoor music. Perry was among several members of that neighborhood who complained about loud music in 2012. The result was a new noise ordinance that placed limits on decibel levels at different times of day.

“We’re up against it,” Perry told council. “It’s hard to sleep with rock ’n’ roll pounding in your ear.”

Perry and several other area residents signed a petition they presented to council. Council agreed to revisit the noise issue at July sessions.

As a resident of that area, council member Don White fielded a number of complaints himself.

White said police have checked at the establishments in question, but that the noise levels fell within limits at the times they checked.

“But they’re playing sometimes seven nights a week, so that may have contributed,” White said.

“When the loud bands play, the neighborhood starts calling,” he said. “I’ve heard from them. The police has heard from them. We’re probably going to have to do more work on the ordinance — see if we can help those people.”

When council tweaked the ordinance in 2012, it set guidelines whereby not more than 60 decibels are permissible at the property line of an establishment in a residential area between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., and 65 decibels during daytime hours. The ordinance set permissible levels in commercial and industrial districts somewhat higher.