Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files

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From the Week of Aug. 25

By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago

It was apparently a good year for some Roane County gardeners. Wallace Ferguson of Harriman grew an 18-pound cantaloupe. He said he got a few seeds from a man who said the cantaloupes would grow as big as dishpans. A 3-pound potato was grown in the garden of Rebekah and Beecher Givens of Westel. The couple said they regularly grow large potatoes, but this was one of their largest. And finally, Alvin Cofer of Pumphouse Road, Rockwood, grew a “mushmelon” which weighed in at 21 3/4 pounds.


10 Years Ago

Roane County celebrities: Eight-year-old Casey Kitchens, son of Bill and Karen Kitchens of Rockwood, was busy wiping off slime after winning on Nickelodeon’s “Slime Time Live.” He was picked to be a contestant while vacationing with his family at Universal Studios. After waiting 32 weeks and two days, including two weeks and two days of bed rest for mom, the Tuggle quadruplets were born. Tammy and Nathan Tuggle of Rockwood welcomed three girls and one boy ranging in weight from 3 pounds, 3 ounces to 4 pounds. Sister Hunter, 2, kept asking to see “her babies,” who were expected to be in the hospital for three to six weeks. Finally, 1963 Harriman High School graduate Rhea Gallaher Jr. used the pen name Judith Gould to provide books full of glamour, adventure, intrigue and romance to millions of readers. The best-selling author’s latest releases, Time to Say Good-Bye and Rhapsody, according to reviewers, are examples of his best.


Five Years Ago

In a heated annexation referendum, Midtown residents decided against becoming part of Kingston. Harriman and Rockwood, even the county, submitted amendments to their urban growth areas to include parts of the former town. Some said they thought Midtown should work toward reincorporation.


One Year Ago

Although Harriman city officials still sought ways to pay for repairs to the Margrave Street bridge, it was officially closed to traffic. The cost of moving utilities that run along the bridge was among the problems the city encountered in keeping the bridge open.