Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Aug. 17

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
Harriman Mayor Harold Wester had no doubt that city employees needed a raise, but because of the tight budget, he saw no possible way of giving them one. On another note, the Harriman City Jail was closed indefinitely after failing to meet standards and specifications, and because there was no money to build another jail.

10 Years Ago
Roane County Director of Schools Gary Collins turned over copies of floor plans for all 14 school buildings in the system to Sheriff David B. Haggard and Emergency Management Director Roy Mitchell. The plans will be used to help familiarize emergency personnel with school layouts to assist in providing a quick reaction to anyone needing help.

Five Years Ago
Family, friends, loved ones and the community marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of corrections officer, Wayne “Cotton” Morgan. Morgan was transporting a prisoner out of the Roane County Courthouse when gunfire erupted and the prisoner escaped. As a result of his death, law enforcement and corrections officers are more attuned to their surroundings and are more diligent in “watching their backs;” security changes were implemented at the courthouse; and the TBI put together a crisis communication plan which they shared with public information officers from emergency agencies all over.

One Year Ago
When Rebecca Northern dove into the pool, she misjudged the sloped edge and ended up breaking her neck. Momentarily blacking out, she came up flailing, disoriented and struggling. Selena, the Kingston woman’s Jack Russell terrier, showed up at the pool’s edge. Barking and growling, she wedged herself under Northern’s armpit and kept her moving to the steps in the shallow end, where Northern managed to get out and make her way to a phone to call for help. Northern felt if it wasn’t for her “fireball” Selena, she wouldn’t be here.