Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Dec. 1

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
Harrell’s IGA in Kingston and Harriman advertised T-bone steaks for $2.59 per pound; red grapes for 59 cents per pound; ground beef for 99 cents per pound; large eggs for 59 cents per dozen; 42-ounce Tide detergent for $1.69; a 10-pound bag of Idaho potatoes for $1.49; and 2-percent milk for $1.69 per gallon.

10 Years Ago
A unique partnership between Harriman City Schools, Roane County Chamber of Commerce and Roane County Workforce Network provided 25 Harriman High School students with some valuable life experiences. The five-month program paired mentor volunteers with students to help students develop leadership and team-building skills. The mentors also provided encouragement, insight and dedication which could prove to be helpful in the student’s future.

Five Years Ago
Construction began on the 12,000-square-foot building next to Kroger in Pinnacle Pointe. The structure will house six businesses, including a UPS store and Gondolier Italian restaurant.

One Year Ago
The Douglass Family celebrated 50 years of singing the gospel. The group was started by family patriarch Charles Douglass Sr. and his wife, Willie Mae. The surviving group includes siblings Glenda Douglass Copeland, Margie Douglass Moore, Willie Mae Douglass Springs, Ivory Douglass Dowdell and the Rev. Alvin Douglass. If they are not performing together, the members and other siblings perform with church choirs or other organizations. The group has performed from New York to Mississippi.