Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Dec. 14

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
The Rockwood Times celebrated 106 years of publications. Even though the paper changed names and owners, its governing philosophy stayed the same: the community comes first. From the days when Rockwood Avenue was described as “an ore-dusted pig and cow path” to when the county industrial park was filled with tenants, The Times grew along with the community.

10 Years Ago
The Southern Pine beetle blight caused pine trees to rot and fall causing havoc. A dead tree falling on Hwy. 61 caused an accident, and while state trooper Carlton Hayley was covering that wreck, a pine tree fell on his cruiser, just missing him and some members of the media. Utility companies were busy clearing dead trees from around power lines to avoid potential outages.

Five Years Ago
The Tennessee Corrections Institute inspector recommended to the Tennessee Corrections Institute board not to certify the Roane County Jail. Overcrowding, poor ventilation, plumbing problems and disabled smoke detectors were some of the problems found during the jail’s inspection. Decertification would mean, among other things, the county would have to purchase high-risk liability insurance and would no longer receive state funding for state inmates held at the Roane County Jail.

One Year Ago
Harriman cable government access Channel 15 made its debut broadcasting the Harriman Christmas parade. Just before the parade started, the Harriman City Council’s formal welcome was broadcast. The TV station will be utilized as a teaching tool for Roane County students.