Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Dec. 25

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By Cheryl Duncan, Assistant Editor

25 Years Ago
Harriman’s Walnut Hill Elementary placed fifth of 17 entrants in the elementary curriculum and instruction category of the National Rural and Small Schools Consortium competition. Honors were accepted by Walnut Hill Principal Larry Sills and first-grade teacher Linda Roberts; Harriman City Schools Superintendent Gene Thurman, Harriman City Schools Supervisor of Instruction Bill Powers, Harriman Board of Education member Frank Mee and Tennessee Department of Education representative Charlene Hill.

10 Years Ago
Getting ready to prepare that traditional New Year’s meal for good luck? Russell’s Foodtown of Rockwood had specials for any shopper’s first-of-the-year grocery list. Smoked hog jowl was offered at a special price of 68 cents per pound. There were also sales on leafy greens to bring fortune into the coming year: crisp green cabbage could be had for 18 cents per pound, and a large bunch of fresh collards was 98 cents. And don’t forget that best-known New Year’s staple of all — blackeye peas. Pick up a fresh 10-ounce pack for 98 cents.

Five Years Ago
Swan Pond area residents got a rude awakening on a bitterly cold morning when an impoundment broke at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant. Twelve homes were evacuated in the muddy mess that scattered fly ash over land and into the beds of Watts Bar Lake and the Emory River. No injuries or deaths were reported, but it was believed that four homes might have serious structural damage as sludge up to 6 feet deep covered 200 to 450 acres. “We don’t know everything yet,” TVA President Tom Kilgore said during a news conference near the blocked road. “We will determine as much as we can about the cause.” The impoundment failure was a first for TVA, Kilgore noted.

One Year Ago
Midtown Elementary students got some golden advice from an East Tennessee athlete who swam his way to a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Davis Tarwater told the youngsters he lived out a dream during that moment, and he encouraged them to do the same. “I want them to understand that every day is a path to the gold,” he said. “I want them to know that they need to make responsible decisions every day, and that it’s OK to have a big dream.” The Olympic gold medalist’s visit was the culmination of the school’s focus on positive behavior.