Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of March 20

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By Cheryl Duncan, Assistant Editor

25 Years Ago
Rockwood High School 1988 valedictorian Andy McNabb showed up his two big sisters by accumulating the highest grade-point average in the school’s history. “It made me really happy when I found out,” McNabb said of his 98.86 average. Besting Cindy McNabb Bear and Teresa McNabb was no easy feat for baby brother: both sisters were valedictorians of their respective Rockwood graduating classes. “Don’t worry about being the best,” he advised future students aiming for the top class rank. “Just do your best.”

10 Years Ago
The brand-new Iraqi war gave area police departments a concern that a call to arms could put already short-handed staffs with even less manpower. Oliver Springs Officer John Lee was a member of the National Guard. In Kingston, Officer David Nance was in the Marine Reserves and had been on standby for several weeks, while Kingston Reserve Officer Bryan Oran served full time in the Air National Guard at McGhee-Tyson Air Force Base. “We’d have to come in and cover their shifts,” Kingston Investigator Randy Childs said of the possibility of how it could affect his department. “We’d be of any assistance to their families or whatever we could do.”

Five Years Ago
More than two dozen families and residents of Oliver Springs’ Cove Lane area were evacuated from their homes after a predawn oil well explosion and fire that authorities predicted could take days to get under control. Jonathan Vann, a Cove Lane resident who happened to be driving by at the time of the explosion, was critically burned and placed in Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s burn facility. Residents said oil spewing from the well had covered the road since the previous day.

One Year Ago

Harriman threw a party fit for royalty when it debuted the newly renovated Princess Theatre. The downtown crown jewel showcased performances from some of Roane County’s premier entertainers, including the Babahatchie Community Band. A standing-room-only crowd spilled into the theater and balcony to celebrate the former movie house’s first day open to the public since 1999. “I hope it’s a place full of education and entertainment for another 80 years to come,” beamed Harriman Mayor Chris Mason.