Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Oct. 13

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
In her 27 years as secretary at Rockwood High School, Geraldine Wallick worked under eight principals, witnessed former classmates’ children come back as students, and saw former students come back as teachers. She was a Rockwood High School student five years previous to taking the position. She secured the secretary’s job after working at a bank and then being laid off from a bookkeeper position at a different company. The tools of her trade had changed, from a manual typewriter and a hand-cranked adding machine, to an electric typewriter, calculator and computer.

10 Years Ago
Ladd Landing, Kingston’s new high-tech community development, officially broke ground. Ladd Landing offers state-of-the-art technology resources for every residential and business partner in its 800 acres. The site plans include a town center, retail storefronts, a bed-and-breakfast facility, high-tech conference center, community center and 400 corporate and community condominiums and apartments.

Five Years Ago
Noah Howard believed Roxie Russell, a legend in The Cove area around Oliver Springs, deserved credit for all she did in the community. The longtime widow of Dexter Russell raised a large family, then found time to visit, cook and care for the sick. On special occasions like holidays and birthdays, she entertained family and hundreds of neighbors at her home and yard.

One Year Ago
The Oliver Springs October Sky Fall Festival was a fundraiser to renovate one of the town’s historic buildings and also gave a nod to the uplifting and critically acclaimed movie, “October Sky,” parts of which were filmed in Oliver Springs.