Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Oct. 24

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
The Last Patrol, a group of Vietnam veterans and other concerned individuals, carried various flags as they walked through Roane County on their way to Washington, D.C. The group started their 1,600-mile walk from the Alamo in San Antonio for the purpose of organizing veteran voter registration and promoting public awareness of the plight of POW/MIAs.

10 Years Ago

A flood-ravaged Louisiana city used levees made by Aqua Levee of Harriman to stem the flow of water into buildings and neighborhoods. Officials were impressed with the ease of deployment compared to sand bag installations.

Five Years Ago
Harriman High School homecoming festivities included a Powderpuff King contest. Among the contestants were Sheldon Hickman, Brad Spiney, T.J. Taylor and Kendle Wood.

One Year Ago
A change in state law allowed seized weapons to be traded for weapons for police departments. Harriman Police Chief Randy Heidle said the change allowed him to trade 104 seized weapons to go toward the purchase of four AR15 rifles.