Look Back: A Little Something From Our Files From the Week of Sept. 8

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By Mary Jo Hooker

25 Years Ago
Rockwood’s Jonathan Crouch was voted best floral designer in a national contest conducted by the “Flowers &” magazine. to be the best floral designer. The Rockwood native competed against more than 550 contestants around the country for the honor. Crouch, who worked for Flowers Etc. of Rockwood, said he preferred the term “floral artist” to “floral designer.”

10 Years Ago
Harriman and Roane County schools reluctantly followed a U.S. Supreme Court decision that deemed public prayer before a football game unconstitutional. Before the first games of the season, directors of schools, principals and/or coaches made their stance about the issue known over public-address systems. Roane County High School Principal Jody McLoud delivered his opinion in a speech that U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp eventually heard about and repeated on the House floor, thereby entering it into the Congressional Record. The speech has made its way into urban legend worldwide and is among the entries on Snopes.com.

Five Years Ago
Hooray for Harriman’s Labor Day Street Festival Ping-Pong ball drop was revived after more than a decade. The event started in 1959 when thousands of table-tennis balls were dropped from a low-flying airplane. The event was revived in 1989 and discontinued in the 1990s.

One Year Ago
Construction was under way for Crete Carriers’ new multi-million-dollar trucking facility at the former site of the Atomic Speedway in East Roane County. Upon completion in 2010, the site will be home to an office building, maintenance building, truck wash and fueling canopy. Officials projected the facility would bring 60 jobs to the county.