Looking for a real hero? They are close at hand

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Looking for a real hero?
Take a stroll over to Sheriff Jack Stockton’s office, and say hello to Jack’s smart, professional, friendly and very pretty assistant, Beth.
Finally find out “wassup” with the real heroes. The staff isn’t there for fun, and is very busy, but if you have a problem, I’ll bet that they will get someone from the deputy force to spend a few minutes with you, or give you the names of some very hip people to help you out.
If you are lucky, you might run into my hero there.
He is Deputy Charlie Cisson, a huge man, with an even bigger heart, who is from a proud line of Native American descendants.
He saved my life! How?
Was it because he got me out of a shootout? Was it because he rescued me from being a hostage? Was it because he pulled me from a burning car,or home? Did he destroy a viscious gang that had me targeted for disaster?
He has been there at those kinds of scenes, but no, not this time.
He just made an experienced, calculated and well-thought-out decision, that saved me from dying of an emergency medical problem that left me in agonizing pain and total amnesia.
Actually, he made a decision that I probably would not have made if I were a man in his positon.
He found me in a ditch last New Year’s Eve at about 10:30 p.m.
So, what did this experienced Deputy Cisson immediately think? Well, of course he thought that I was a drunk murderer, sometimes called a drunk driver, because it all fit together perfectly.
I was screaming in agony, didn’t know who I was, or where I was, but told him that I did not drink.
Because of his experience, and quick eye, he knew I was right. But what if I had been out of my mind on drugs?
My cellphone rang, and he called the number right back. It was my mother, and the authorities arranged for her to come the long 75 miles from my home, to a place that I had gotten to but did not know how.
I was rushed by her to the hospital, where I was moments away from death.
Because Cisson had the brains, perception, experience and soul that he does, he did not lock me up.
That decision would have killed an innocent man.
So, remember that a life can depend on a single decision, and the wrong choices can mean disasters.
Cisson and the other heroes who are the group of all Roane County deputies are here to help, and maybe save you, too, but usually you have to go to them.
I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that the Roane County Sheriff’s Office and Cisson are awarded major commendations for their unselfish service to all they meet.
You can help by sending a postcard or short letter telling Beth and Sheriff Jack Stockton that you are now part of the gang who wants to shine some light on this fine department and that you are behind them all.
Younger citizens, stop by the office at 230 N. Third St. in Kingston if you need some help, and somebody who cares will talk to you then or in the near future.
The deputies, counselors and confidential programs can make you feel safe again.
They would all prefer to deal with you and your problems now than deal with you later, when it is too late.
Thanks, Deputy Charlie Cisson. Thanks for making the right decision to save someone’s life — mine.
Rory O’Connor