Looseleaf Laureate: Good deeds – and getting something back

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By Terri Likens, Editor

The other afternoon, after I finished up getting the paper out, I grabbed my purse and headed over to the Tennessee Technology Center to donate blood.
To be honest, free movie tickets were being offered, and I hoped to get me one.
They pricked my finger to check my iron levels, which were good. I went over the usual forms, and then went through a series of questions with a technician.
All was well until she got to to one that went something like this: “Have you ver had cancer?”
“Yes,” I replied honestly. “Thyroid cancer.”
I’ll be cancer-free for five years in February, assuming nothing is lurking.
But that wasn’t good enough to give blood. I can try again in a month, they said.
I left with no ticket — and feeling a bit despondent about the cancer scare I try not to be reminded of.
I think it’s OK to sometimes get something back for doing good. CASA of the 9th District believes that, too.
The group, of which I am a board member, is holding a Winter Blast concert and reverse auction at Princess Theatre.
It will feature young country music star Jimmy Wayne, a man who believes in the CASA mission as much as we do.
This must-see event is Saturday, Feb. 11 from 7-11 p.m.
The state-certified reverse auction is giving up t0 $5,000 — while selling only 500 tickets.
Those are some mighty good odds.
The auction tickets are $75 each. For $25 more, you can see the show and have dinner.
The money will go to train people in our community to help investigate the situations of abused and neglected children when social workers have their hands full — which is most of the time.
If you have ever seen a reverse raffle, you’ll know that will be a big part of the fun.
It’s kind of a last-man-standing kind of thing in the raffle world, with the big prize going to the last number drawn.
Interested? I hope so.
I’d like to see you there.
I have tickets available if you’ll contact me at the newspaper.
You can call me at 376-3481, Ext. 320, or send a check payable to CASA of the 9th District, care of me at Roane County News, P.O. Box 610, Kingston, TN 37763.
Remember, the cost is $75 for the rafffle alone, then $25 more per person for the concert.