Looseleaf laureate: Potential sometimes outshines reality

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By Terri Likens, Editor

June already has been hot, stormy and steamy, but it is difficult for me to think of it as anything but a gentle month.

The perfume of honeysuckle fills the air. The lawn is a pliable expanse of green and not yet the brittle brown patch that can come later. Gardens – whether floral or vegetable – aren’t yet at their full potential, but their promise, at this point, is solid.

June sets the tone for summer.

I rarely take June vacations, but I love spending time in June planning them.

That’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s a project I tackle lovingly, thereby seemingly extending my limited vacation time.

This summer I plan to take one week off with no particular plans except to spend it with Derek and one week off for the beach. Derek, after having the summer off as a school teacher, won’t be able to make the beach trip because he’ll be back at school. (Yes, I’ll be rubbing it in.)

The beach house I’ll be sharing is near several rivers, so I’m taking my kayak.

It’s in a gently developed area, so I’ll also be hauling my bicycle.

I can’t sit still at the beach, so I’m keeping an eye out for a good, used boogie board. I can belly surf with the best of them, but a boogie board makes it all the more fun.

The beach house has palm trees and a screen porch, so I will be bringing a stack of books; I can sit still in the shade.

The people I’ll be sharing said beach house with include a longtime friend and her daughter, but the others will be strangers to me.

We’ve already discussed expectations … there are few. So I can go off on my own or participate with the group as I see fit.

We know where the local fishmonger is, so I see the potential for a few fantastic, home-cooked group meals.

If not, that’s OK, too.

I’m already planning side trips to Charleston and Savannah.

There’s the potential for a big rain-out, or even worse, hurricane, which is why all this planning is so much fun.

Like June, at this stage, it’s all about the potential ahead.