Looseleaf Laureate: Still seeking your winter storm survival stories

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By Terri Likens, Editor

By the time you read this, you’ll know whether predictions for a big ice storm Friday were accurate or a bust.
I’d be just fine if those forecasts were nothing more than false alarms, but I do feel a little excitement all the same.
I don’t want to be in the cold with lines down and power out.
Still, there’s beauty even in the deadliness of an ice-glazed landscape.
My sister lives in Lexington, Ky., where damage from an ice storm a few years ago is still apparant in trees that were ripped apart under the weight of the ice.
The damage looks a lot like that left behind after a tornado has shredded through the trees.
Ice storms have a lingering treacherous nature.
The actual ice-up is one thing, but if the conditions are right, the ice can remain for days — or weeks — hindering efforts to repair the damage caused by the storm.
If the current forecasts are correct, we should be in luck on this account.
Our wintry weather is expected to be followed by warming shortly after, so any frozen roads should clear within a day or so.
At the newspaper, we’re working ahead to try to avoid having people out in hazardous conditions.
I’m also looking for an excuse to stay in the house and get some quiet, indoor chores done — preferably with heat, phone, Internet and power on.
And if it goes, it helps that I have a gas stove.
Speaking of winter storms, some of you have called or sent in some accounts of your 1993 blizzard struggles. I’d like to see more — especially your pictures.
And in light of some very interesting conversations I’ve had about other winter storms, I’ve decided to broaden our search to include accounts from any winter storm.
Perhaps I’ve already told of my mid-1980s story of wriggling through the crawl space of an Eastern Kentucky  friend’s house with a hair dryer in a surprisingly successful attempt to thaw frozen water pipes.
Did I mention I am claustrophobic?
Anyway, send your stories and photos  to tlikens@roanecounty.com, or Blizzard of 93, Roane County News, P.O. Box 610, Kingston, TN 37763.
Don’t forget to include your phone number so I can call if I need more information.