Looseleaf Laureate: Summer weather not the only change

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By Terri Likens, Editor

What a strange and moody summer it has been.
Mild and rainy, then a strong reversal — who knows what’s coming next?
The same moodiness, I guess, could be applied my emotional summer.

After several years together, Derek and I called things off a few weeks ago.
There was no ugliness, no fighting; our heads are just in different places.
Even with a somewhat amiable split, we’re both still feeling the inescapable pain that comes when two people try to separate closely entangled lives.
But time will heal.
Or so they say.
As far as breakups go, I’m making a real effort to be healthy as I move on.
Usually, stress pushes me to eat more, but with matters of the heart, I go off my feed.
It would be easy to try to get by on half a sandwich or a cup of soup a day, but I know better.
My meals are smaller, but I’m making a point to eat the right foods roughly three times a day. I figure my waistline could use some whittling down anyhow.
I’m getting out more with friends and getting more exercise and fresh air.
My motorcycle is running good after a couple of minor midsummer hiccups (a fouled carburetor and rust in the shift lever), and so I’m riding as weather allows.
I find myself actually looking forward to autumn, my favorite time of the year.
A friend and I had a recent taste of fall when we road our bicycles on Forest Service roads along Citico Creek in the Slickrock National Wilderness area.
Goldenrod was in bloom, along with ironweed and Joe Pye Weed, and the fast-moving, crystal clear waters glinted and winked. The creek kept air temperatures comfortable, even though much of the ride was a climb.
The air around us was already heady with the scent of autumn spices.
We took frequent breaks, but not because of fatigue.
It was just so darned pretty that we had to stop to soak in the sights, smells and sounds of the creek.
Now the healing can begin.