Lottery scholarships now available in summer

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law earlier this week to allow students to use the Hope Scholarship for summer courses.

“The Hope scholarships retain the best and brightest students in the state, and working to ensure we have a highly-trained and educated workforce is the most important step we can take to attracting high quality jobs to Tennessee,” Haslam said.

Last year, the Tennessee General Assembly passed the Complete College Tennessee Act with the goal of raising educational attainment rates  by promoting and incentivizing college completion.

The legislation passed 27-1 in the Senate and 96-0 in the House.

This new law will bring the state’s largest financial aid program into alignment with the goals of the CCTA in terms of degree efficiency and productivity.

“Extending summer eligibility makes the scholarship more user-friendly for students while allowing higher education institutions to better utilize their buildings and campuses throughout the course of the year,” Haslam added.

“We worked hard to make this legislation as student-friendly and fiscally responsible while making sure we created the right incentives to improve time-to-completion and to graduate more Tennesseans.”

This law also provides for a 120-hour cap on the number of hours a student can use the scholarship money, excepting certain majors.

It also applies to students who enrolled in the fall of 2009 but does not affect students enrolled before that time.