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Coles focus on alternative medicine in Rockwood store

The latest store to open under the cheerful red awning on Rockwood’s South Front Avenue carries an array of products for health and well being.

Ross and Linda Cole, of Cole's Health Essentials at 119 S. Front Ave., have a variety of health foods and other products. They range from gluten-free foods, protein and energy bars, vitamins and minerals to soy candles.

The focus is particularly on alternative medicine.  

“People change from traditional medicine to alternative medicine usually because they have a health crisis,” Linda Cole said. “That is what happened to me.”

Linda Cole said she was able get off some troublesome heart medication, thanks to adding some things to her diet.

“I have been able to get off the really serious heart medication with using the herbs,” she said.

That includes the mineral magnesium.

For her, the common heart medication she had been prescribed gave her terrible side effects.

“I slept 19 hours a day for a solid week,” she remembered.

At Cole’s, Linda Cole said they will work to provide products at request, saying she knows people who have traveled to Knoxville for a particular creme.

“If I can find it, I'll stock it,” Cole promised.

Some of their products include things like Adrena Plus, which is to help with adrenal fatigue.

“For people who cannot take pills, we have a whole line of liquid vitamins and supplements,” Linda Cole said.

They also have products for colds, stress and joint health as well as a nonstimulant product advertised to help with concentration called Buried Treasure ADDED attention.

Linda Cole, a nurse practitioner, is taking classes to be a certified nutritional counselor.

Ross Cole has experience with nontraditional medication as well.

After a heart attack, he has been going regularly to a doctor in Athens for chelation treatments for 10 years. Linda Cole said traditional medicine uses it for heavy metal poisoning.

“Alternative medicine uses it to help with cleaning the blood vessels to prevent heart attacks,” Linda Cole said.

Cole’s Health Essentials is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Tuesday through Saturday.

Call 354-1313 for more information.