Lowest bid isn’t always the best choice for country

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The ongoing political campaigns fill the media with exaggerated or alleged factoids and lies while the country continues an inexorable slide into a second-rate economy status.

It seems obvious that the low prices in discount and retail stores are paid for by the unemployed workers who once made the furniture, shoes, clothing, electronics etc and were paid a living wage.

We are building China’s burgeoning economy with the pain and humiliation of these displaced workers — all in the name of higher corporate profits for the Walton family members and similar entrepreneurs.

The questions come down to these:

Are you in favor of raising China to a prosperous communist mega-power while reducing half of the freedom loving U.S. working population to massive unemployment and near-servituide status just to have cheap prices at Walmart?

Are we so ill informed that we think our standard of living can continue to rise or not decline as the effect of massive unemployment and underemployment becomes critical?

And what do we do when China is no longer the cheapest out-source country?

Will the out-sourceing companies relocate to Africa?

Will China choose to out-source or subcontract our business to Africa or perhaps Cuba?

Remember the “O” rings of the Challenger’s fuel cells were the “low price bid” for that product?

America cannot maintain it’s standard of living by continuing to out-source the mid-level industries that provide jobs to the now famous 47 percent.

The lowest bid is not always the best buy for America.

For decades Washington has tried to keep our citizens focused on a perceived military crisis and constant wars of choice in order to blind them to the real dangers of the creeping reduction of our standard of living.

All Washington is to blame for the short-sighted acceptance of globalization at the expense of the U.S. working class.

Sadly, those in power have gained too much wealth from it to do anything but encourage it’s expansion.

Beware the oft derided statement, “They cling to their guns and religion.”

B.J. Gillum