Man charged with ETHRA gas theft

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By Damon Lawrence

Kingston police arrested a 20-year-old man Tuesday morning for allegedly siphoning gas from an ETHRA bus.
Austin Cody Burns, 402 Curtis Road, Tellico Plains, is charged with theft under $500. According to the arrest report, he was forthcoming about the alleged crime.
“Defendant stated that he had taken at least 10 gallons from the vehicle,” the report said. “Defendant told officer the hose and can he used were behind the bus in the brush.”
According to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge, the average price of gas in Tennessee on Tuesday was $3.53.
“Defendant stated that he and his girlfriend were short on money, so he stole the gas,” the arrest report said.
Burns is scheduled to appear in court next month.
Oliver Springs police said they found marijuana and 11 firearms at 809 Wilson Road on Monday. Three people, including a father and his daughter, were arrested.
William Scott Phillips, 44, Hannah Marie Phillips, 22, and Benjamin Andrew Davis, 21, face drug charges. William Scott Phillips is also charged with possession of prohibited weapons.
According to court records, Oliver Springs Police Sgt. David Laxton responded to the residence with a search warrant signed by judge Joseph Van Hook. 
“Defendants stated there was marijuana and paraphernalia in the residence,” court records said.
Laxton reported finding 14.6 pounds of marijuana, digital scales, a marijuana grinder, five grow lights, a heat lamp and two carbon dioxide producers.
“Both Benjamin Davis and Hannah Phillips stated they had in fact been selling and delivering the marijuana in Oliver Springs, and that the marijuana they were selling belonged to Hannah Phillips’ father William Scott Phillips,” court records said.
The firearms included an Uzi with a silencer, revolver, rifles and shotguns. Several boxes of ammunition were also found.
The Phillips and Davis are scheduled to appear in court next month. 
Brendon Seth Luffman had his indecent exposure case rescheduled to Dec. 17. Luffman was arrested on June 30 after some adults told police they saw him masturbating in the swimming area at Roane County Park as he watched children.