Man tries to break into jail

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By Damon Lawrence

Most people want out of jail.
Benjamin Heath Clark apparently wanted in Wednesday morning.
At approximately 2 a.m., Kingston police were dispatched to the Roane County Jail on Third Street about a possible drunk person.
“Upon arrival, I found Mr. Clark standing at the exit door of the RCSO (Roane County Sheriff’s Office), and had been trying to get in the jail side door,” Kingston Officer Roy Montgomery wrote in his report.


“Mr. Clark did have a strong odor of intoxicant about his person and was unsteady on his feet.”
Montgomery’s report also said Clark admitted to stealing $50 from his soon to be ex-wife’s apartment, from which he’s banned.
“Mr. Clark did give officers the $50 back and it was returned to Tiffany Clark,” the report said.
Montgomery charged Clark, 24, with public intoxication and criminal trespass. He’s scheduled to appear in Roane County General Sessions Court next month.
Clark has charges pending in criminal court for aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. Those charges stem from his alleged mugging of an 84-year-old woman last December.
Kingston Police Chief Jim Washam said Clark’s motive for those alleged crimes was a need for money. The elderly victim reportedly suffered a concussion and broken elbow.
“My mom’s almost 85 years old and he clocked her in the head hard enough that she’s in Parkwest hospital with a broken elbow, concussion and everything else,” Mark Rogers, the victim’s son, said last December.
Tabatha Bingham, a Loudon mother, is facing child endangerment charges in Roane County.
According to Rockwood police, Officer Kendall Mitchell responded to the Shoppes at Walden Ridge shopping center on Tuesday to investigate a report of three small children being left unattended.
One of the children, an 8-year-old, told Mitchell that his mom was in the doctor’s office.
“According to the doctor’s office sign-in sheet, Ms. Bingham arrived there at 9:10 a.m.,” the report said. “My arrival on scene was 9:29 a.m., leaving the children in the car unattended 19 minutes without adult supervision.”
In addition to the 8-year-old, Mitchell reported that a 2-year-old and 10-month-old was also in the car.
Bingham, 29, was charged with three counts of child endangerment. She faces one count of criminal impersonation for allegedly giving police a fake name.
The report said the children were picked up by their father and grandmother. 
The Roane County General Sessions Court Office will no longer accept personal checks for payment of traffic tickets and court costs.
Circuit Court Clerk Kim Nelson said they had too many problems with people writing bad checks.
“Most recently someone wrote a bad check to pay court costs in the amount of $1,100,” she said.
The sessions office will accept cash, money orders and cashier’s checks. People can also make payments with debit and credit cards.
A father allegedly beat a man up at Soaring Eagle Campground on June 30 because the man slept with his daughter.
Charles Anthony Johnson and the man he’s accused of beating, Byron Chase Lineberry, were both arrested.
Lineberry is accused of providing alcohol to a person under 21. Charles Johnson was charged with assault.
According to a Roane County Sheriff’s Office report, Lineberry met 19-year-old Alexandra Johnson at the campground.
“Mr. Lineberry stated he and Alexandra eventually went to his camper where they had consensual sexual relations,” the report said.
Lineberry said he got a knock on the door after the woman left the trailer.
“When Mr. Lineberry answered the door he met Alexandra’s father, Charles Johnson,” the report said. “Mr. Lineberry stated Mr. Johnson immediately began cussing him and striking him on and about the face.”
Deputy Vianney Del Toro said he noticed a bruise on Lineberry’s left eye as well as bruises on his arms and hands. Del Toro said Charles Johnson later came and introduced himself and said, “I’m guessing you’re here for me.”
Charles Johnson said he went looking for his daughter around 2:30 a.m.
“Mr. Johnson stated when he saw Alexandra leave a camper he went to see who the person was,” the report said. “Mr. Johnson stated when Mr. Lineberry answered the door he was nude.”
Charles Johnson stated he “lost it” and admitted to beating Lineberry, according to the report.
“I then spoke to Alexandra who stated she introduced herself to Mr. Lineberry as being 19-years-old,” the report said. “Alexandra stated she received alcoholic drinks from Mr. Lineberry.”