Marston new chief operating officer

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Matt Marston has been selected as the new chief operating officer for URS/CH2M Oak Ridge LLC, known as UCOR.

He will fill the position vacated by Kenneth Rueter, who recently was announced as the new president and project manager at the Savannah River Remediation Project.

UCOR is in the midst of deactivating and demolishing the final section of the vast K-25 building at East Tennessee Technology Park, formerly known as the Manhattan Project’s K-25 Site in Roane County.

Marston joined the UCOR team as manager of project support for the deactivation and decommissioning group in September 2011.

In this role, he headed a matrixed organization of project support personnel that included engineering, planning, radiological protection, characterization, environmental compliance, waste management, industrial safety, industrial hygiene and procurement personnel.

He also provided technical oversight and input to project teams engaged in the planning and execution of deactivation and decommissioning work scopes.

He also led project performance measurement efforts in support of prime contractor award fee negotiations.

More recently, Marston was assigned as deputy area project manager for the deactivation and decommissioning group as a part of a realignment of UCOR projects.

“Matt was selected for this position because of the exceptional work he has done on our D&D projects and the vast knowledge he brought to UCOR,” said Leo Sain, UCOR president and project manager.

“I'm certain his D&D experience will help him continue his excellent performance in this new role as we work to safely and cost-efficiently clean up ETTP and other sites in Oak Ridge,” Sain added.

Working on East Tennessee Technology Park deactivation and demolition projects was Marston’s latest career achievement.

Throughout his 28-year career, he has focused on nuclear site deactivation and decommissioning, engineering, and project management.

He previously served as chief operating officer for TSSD Services Inc. in Oakland, Maine, where he was responsible for recruiting and placement of temporary and permanent professional and technical personnel for clients in the nuclear industry business development, and contract administration.

He was also responsible for development and implementation of corporate policies, programs, and procedures.

He is a former TSSD management consultant and manager of projects.

Marston has also served in management roles at Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co. in East Hampton, Conn.; Pickering Nuclear Generator Station in Pickering, Ontario; Bath Iron Works Corp. in Bath, Maine; and various other projects.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Maine.

UCOR is the U.S. Department of Energy’s Environmental Management contractor at the Oak Ridge Reserva-

It is responsible for deactivation and demolition of the K-25 facility and other work at East Tennessee Technology Park, Y-12 National Security Complex and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.