Maybe owner of puppy in hot car should feel heat

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It saddened me to read the letter about the puppy being closed up in a hot car with no water.

There are so many sick and cruel people in this world who should not own an animal.

They should know better than to let an animal — a puppy at that — stay in a closed-up car.

Not bothering to care is just as bad as a driver who does not pay attention on the road and causes a terrible accident.

This woman should not be allowed to own an animal if this is how she treats them.

The people in the store were at fault, also, by not calling the police or animal control — and, also, the police for not showing up after someone called them.

It is just very fortunate this poor little puppy survived.

How would this woman like it if someone left her in a hot, closed-up car, where she was helpless to get out?

Lillian Stringer