McGriff retires with $15,000 bonus

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By Damon Lawrence

Toni McGriff’s last evaluation as Roane County director of schools resulted in a $15,000 bonus.
The bonus was based on Board of Education assessments of her performance, and a point system was used to determine the amount.
A score below 480 would have resulted in no bonus. A score between 661-700 would result in a $15,000 bonus. McGriff scored 686.School board attorney Chuck Cagle tallied the score.
McGriff retired as director of schools on June 30.
She had a salary of $117,920 the final year of her contract. However, the board approved a budget amendment in May that raised the salary to $136,062.
School system business manager Eric Harbin said the additional $18,142 was for accrued leave.