Meth lab in jail parking lot

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By Damon Lawrence

Showing up at the Roane County Jail in Kingston to bail someone out wasn’t the issue. The problem was having meth-making components in the vehicle.
According to a Roane County Sheriff’s Office report, that’s what Kevin Anthony Ray admitted to on Jan. 26. He was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.
Third Street between Loveliss and Cumberland was shut down while Ray and two other occupants in the vehicle were decontaminated.
The Dodge Durango he was driving was quarantined and taken to an impound lot.
According to the report, the Durango made an abrupt turn into a parking space in front of the jail.
“I pulled next to the vehicle and asked if everything was OK with them, and the occupants stated that they were going to bond someone out named ‘Brad,’” Sheriff’s Deputy John Mayes wrote.
Mayes got out of his car and approached the Durango.
“I immediately detected a odor commonly associated with the manufacture of a controlled substance being methamphetamine,” the report said. “... I asked Kevin Ray for permission to search the vehicle, and he stated that the vehicle was not his and belonged to April Wakeman that was in the back seat.”
Mayes reported finding a black bag in the back seat that contained a Powerade bottle, Coleman fuel, acid, tubing, ammonium nitrate, coffee filters, salt, sodium hydroxide and a plastic bag.
“I asked all occupants who the bag belonged to, and everyone stated that they did not know,” the report said.
Ray, according to the report, later admitted the other two people in the vehicle weren’t involved and the bag was his. Jail records listed his address as 1711 Bennett Circle, Harriman. He’s scheduled to appear in court on March 4.