Meth lab material found on roadside

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By The Staff



Roane County Sheriff Jack Stockton said nothing shocks him when it comes to the actions of methamphetamine makers.

“They’re desperate people,” he said. “They do desperate things, and they have reckless disregard for the public.”

The sheriff said that’s why he wasn’t surprised at the discovery made by his litter crew – a group of jail inmates who pick up trash around the county.

According to Stockton, the crew found elements of three discarded meth labs on the side of a road while they were out working on Tuesday.

“We called the patrol division down to secure it, and then we called in a hazardous- material team to dispose of it properly,” Stockton said.

The litter crew was working on Mountain View Road near Rockwood when they made the discovery around 11 a.m.

Stockton said the items included syringes and containers used to cook the drug.

Because meth labs contain hazardous materials, using the side of a roadway as a dumping ground poses a big danger to the public.

Unfortunately, such actions have become standard operating procedure for meth makers, Stockton said.

“When they make their meth, they take all the byproducts and try to get it away from where they actually did their cooking,” Stockton said. “They’ll just throw it out on the side of the road.”

“It’s becoming an ever-increasing problem,” Stockton added.