Meth labs busted

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By The Staff

Jennifer Mathieu asked if she could retrieve some underclothes when deputies showed up to arrest her on a theft warrant last Thursday.

Her request led to more trouble.

“As Ms. Mathieu opened the front door to the residence, I smelled a chemical odor associated with an amphetamine lab,” a Roane County Sheriff’s Office report said. “... as I cleared the threshold, I observed Jeff Mathieu run from the living room area to the kitchen sink, observed him pour an undetermined liquid down the kitchen sink, and observed him throw material away in a trash can in the kitchen area.”

The report said Jeff Mathieu ran into a bathroom.

“As we approached the door I heard water running as if the toilet had been flushed, and Jeff Mathieu exited the bathroom,” the report said. “Mr. Mathieu was ordered to the ground at gunpoint and was detained.”

The home at 809 Sturgess St., Kingston, is in close proximity to Calvary Baptist School.

“Inside the residence I discovered numerous items consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine,” the report said. “Also discovered inside the residence were numerous items of drug paraphernalia and a corner baggie containing a white powder substance believed to be methamphetamine.”

A hazardous materials truck with The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force responded to the scene along with members of the Roane County Office of Emergency Services.

The home was quarantined, and the couple were taken to jail in hazardous materials suits. Both face drug charges.

* * *

Contents of what is believed to be a meth lab were found inside Midtown Motel room 9 on Oct. 29.

Harriman Police Cpl. Kasey Mynatt arrested Alicia Grace Noel Goldberg, 28, 102 Trenton St., Brian Andrew Barnett, 36, 521 Sewanee St., and Rickie E. Cook, 32, 326 1/2 Emory Drive. They were charged with initiation of process to manufacture methamphetamine.

Police reports said a Roane County sheriff’s deputy went to the motel to serve a warrant on Cook when he observed Cook attempt to drop some paraphernalia on the floor. The deputy searched the room and found a blue bag he believed to be a meth lab under a mattress.

Harriman police were called to the motel, which is in their jurisdiction, and called for a meth technician.

Mynatt reported he found a shake-and-bake bottle, a 2-liter bottle of an unknown acid, half a bottle of muriatic acid, three spoons with burns and filters, a cold pack cut open to expose its contents, a bag and an unlabeled bottle of a white substance believed to be ammonia nitrate, two syringes, nine nasal oxygen style tubes, three AA lithium batteries and 10 Claritin-D pills.

The report said the room was occupied by Cook and Goldberg and Barnett admitted he had bought the pseudoephedrine for Cook knowing what he was going to use it for.

The state meth task force disposed of all lab items. The room was also placed under quarantine.