Military Matters: Darren A. Owenby

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U.S. Army Cadet Darren A. Owenby recently graduated from the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox, Ky.

The cadet, a 2008 graduate of Harriman High School, is the son of Darrell Owenby of Harriman and Cheri Owenby of Johnson City.

He is a student at East Tennessee State University, Johnson City.

The four-week course is a leadership internship that can lead to becoming an Army officer.

College students experience and examine the Army without an obligation to serve and are eligible for two-year college scholarship offers and to attend the advanced ROTC course at their college.

Cadets are observed and evaluated during classroom and field training exercises to determine their leadership abilities and skills.

The cadets are trained to have an understanding of traditional leadership values.

The training develops well-disciplined, highly motivated, physically conditioned students, and helps improve the cadets’ self-confidence, initiative, leadership potential, decision making, and collective team cohesion.

Fundamental military skills, Army values, ethics, basic rifle marksmanship, small arms tactics, weapons training, drill and ceremony, communications, combat water survival training, rappelling, land navigation, and squad-level operations field training are included in the course.